John Keller

John Keller, Olympic Gold Medalist; member of KU’s 1952 NCAA Championship team


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This collage is on display at Great Bend High School.  John Keller was inducted into the Great Bend High School Hall of Fame on February 20, 2009.
John Keller’s Gold Medal


John Keller was one of seven KU players from the NCAA Championship team to be selected to play in the Olympic games.
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  1. Perry Cain says:

    God bless John Keller who taught me to drive. Just this week I had to take my first driver’s test in almost 30-years after the suspension I received for my seizure induced accident. It made me reflect on how important driving is in our lives and made me think about Mr. Keller. I remember being in the car with another student in the backseat and Mr. Keller in the passenger seat. I was driving down a narrow Great Bend street with cars on either side when the other student screamed “Oh my gosh…you almost hit that car!” I didn’t notice, but Mr. Keller replied to the other student; “Calm down, he had plenty of room… least two inches.” Thanks for having my back Mr. Keller. May you rest in peace.

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